PRM Composition Competition
Opening to Young and Talented Composers from around the World
OCT 15
Registration Opened
JAN 15
Deadline of Registration
Finalization of Result
Winning Works Publication by RCM Publishing
Winning Works Performed by Grand Finalists of PRM Piano Division
Call for Submission
PRM Composition Competition 2023-24 edition focuses on the art of piano solo performance, aiming to encourage younger generations of composers who will shape the coming age by creating new musical works. 
"I am very excited to be the chair of this year's PRM Composition Jury. I am looking forward to many of you young and talented composers to submit your works and to see that we can reward some you for the excellence of your creations. New music, your music is the real future of the art."
——  Dr. Samuel Adler
Chair of Jury, PRM Composition Division
1.    The candidate is required to submit a composition for piano solo, 3-5 minutes long. 
2.   The composition along with a scanned copy of the candidate’s valid ID need to be submitted to by January 31, 2024 at 11:59PM Western Time. In the subject of the email, please follow the format as candidate’s full legal name plus “Composition”. For instance, Catherine White, Composition. Please attach the recording file if possible. 
3.    The Submission Fee is USD $150, and the payment should be made when registering online at
4.    Nationality: There is no limit for nationality.
5.    Age limit: Under 30 years old (born after 1993 January 1)
6.    Candidates must not communicate with the judges between the day of their registration and the results announcement. 
7.    Decisions of the jury are final and there are no appeals or reviews.
8.    Candidate who does not comply with these rules are disqualified. 
The PRM Composition Awards will be handed to 3-4 composers and their compositions who bring beauty and inspiration into the world.
· The winning compositions will be organized into the required repertoire in the grand finale round of the PRM Piano Competition held in Vancouver in July, 2024.
· The winning composers’ biograhy and their compositions will be published in the RCM/PRM Collection by the Royal Conservatory of Music Publishing.
· All candidates’ names and profile pictures will be presented in the RCM/PRM Collection published by Royal Conservatory of Music Publication.
Contact Info
If you have any questions reagarding PRM Composition Competition, please contact the office as following:
We-chat: PRM_committee_cn4
PRM Piano 3rd edition General Regulation Book - Composition

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